Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hidden Gems
I've been temping for a flooring company here in town for the past, oh, two weeks. Tomorrow is my last day. I've spent most of my time making labels and updating their rolodex's. I found out about this mosaic from my boss. The company I work for does repair work on it whenever a storm damages it; it's kind of old. I was so excited about this. Dan and I have passed by it but never really noticed that it was a mosaic. We went to check it out and it is really cool. It reminds me of Tomorrow Land at Disneyland. It's funny how we drive by things everyday and never take the time to really notice them. Every time I pass this mosaic (in the next 9 months) I will think of this temp job and try to remind myself to notice the little things.
Speaking of little things. My sister Buffy is the cutest little thing. I came home and was surprised with some happy mail from Miss Buff.

She sent me a California magnet. I love it. I've been missing home like crazy. She also sent some midol because she's thoughtful like that. I told her recently that we have to use Irish Spring in the shower because Dan likes to get squeaky clean and manly smelling and we only have one suction cup soap dish holder. So, my sister did me good and sent me some girlie smelling soap and a soap dish just for me. She's the best. She also sent the cutest baby onesie for her future niece. She found one that had a cupcake with a sparkler on it and it says, "Little Sparkler". We have strong feelings about sparklers around here. Love them. Dan says he's okay with it being pink because of what it says. Buffy, I'll place it in a special spot in my hope chest. Thank you. Someday you will be an amazing Auntie Buffy.
love you.
p.s. I don't smell like a manly Irish Spring man, I've been using body wash. Just thought I'd share.


Katherine said...

Nice Buffy! I didn't know Dan liked to feel squeaky clean.

Amy said...

Buffy you always know how to take care of your sis. So nice of you. That onesie is adorable.

Thanks for the reminder to notice the little things. I loved this post. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I love that soap. It's so summery.