Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here comes the rain again...

falling on my head like a memory.
We are right about where it says Sunday PM. I love rainy days but storms aren't my thing. Since Faye isn't a threat, I have big plans for projects and napping.
Oh, I'm also planning on taking photos of all the neat treasures I found today.
I scored. The pre-rainy weather brought me luck.
p.s. I had Dan fill up the tank just in case. I'm silly like that.


Katherine said...

I'm silly like that too---so is my mom. Ever since we had the fires I like to keep my tank fairly full. I would really enjoy a good ole rainstorm right about now. Well, not on Monday. That's the first day of school and that would ruin my picture ops. Have fun with your projects!

Kris said...

I would do that too!!! Lucky to you spend a fun day indoors, I'm talking myself into getting dressed right now for church. Ehhhh.