Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Dan
I hope you're 36th birthday is full of all things good and happy. I'll make you as many bowls of Cookie Crisp cereal that your little belly can take. I love you more than anything (even Bono but in a different way). I would come with you to Mississippi all over again just to be with you. I love you so much and very much.

You, Daniel, can always make me smile.
Make lots and lots of wishes today.
p.s. I promise to take you to Disneyland in the near future.

Katherine, Doug, Nicole and Tyler sent Dan this Betty Crocker Cooky Book. Dan was so happy. When he was little his Dad would make cookies with the kids on Sundays. Dan loved picking out cookie recipes from this cookbook. He's pretty excited about making cookies this Sunday.

Happy Happy Birthday to my little Hot Dog.


Anonymous said...


I hope you have a fabulous birthday! I'm sure Kat will spoil you:)

Midge said...

Happy Birthday Dan!!! Wish I could be there to give you a big hug today. Tell Kat to give you one especially from me. Hope you have a wonderful day.
BTW my husbands birthday is in 2 days, you must be the same sign, I must be attracted to that sign.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Dan!! Hope you have a fun day of cookie making!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! You know Kat loves you when she tells you she'd come to MS all over again just for you! As much as I want you guys to move back west, I love to hear the stories of primitive ATMs and and Mammie's trips.


Katie Says said...

oooh Happy Birthday to Dan! it's my mama's b'day today also! = ) What a great day!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Dan! Kat---that is love if you would do MS all over again. I enjoy hearing about your life in the south too. Are you going to make fudge meltaways?