Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy Friday Kitties.

I want to be this little girl today. It's back to school time here in Mississippi. This is my day to pretend. So here I am in my work appropriate back to school outfit. Again, I must express how thankful I am for air conditioning. I obviously don't know how to dress for Mississippi weather. It's a good thing I only have to modify my dressing habits for another 9 months. Have I mentioned that we're moving in 9 months?

Thank goodness, Dan is making my lunch because I'm up to no good this morning.

Skip, skip, skip to my Loo.


Taylor said...

Cute Cute Kitty! Did you hear that I am coming back home?

Kris said...

You are too funny. And you are always up to no good - that's why I like being your friend!

Katherine said...

How cute you look! I love "back to school" time.

Amy said...

You look adorable with your braids and lunch pail.