Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hannah and Kat make Muscadine Jelly

Hannah taught me how to make Muscadine/Cranberry jelly tonight for our Young Women activity. Woo Hoo, she just finished a project for her Personal Progress and made my tummy happy.

Hannah's Mommy taught her to make jelly and she has passed the wealth of knowledge on to me. I'm so thrilled.

Look at me slaving away over this jelly goodness. Of course my slaving away always takes back seat when a photo op comes my way.


This watched pot did boil. I love the color.

Hannah, thank you so much for showing me how to make jelly. I will always think of you and your sweet Mommy when I do it in the future.



Katherine said...

You look so cute slaving away. What a fun activity for both of you. Will you teach me some day?

Kitty said...

I'll teach you for sure. But we'll have to take lots of photos to document it.
love love,

Amy said...

Love the photos. I've never heard of that kind of Jelly. Is that the name of the fruit?

Isn't canning fun? For days I have been canning over at my Mom's. Yesterday we made applesauce. It is so good! There is something so amazing about eating something that you worked so hard to make.

trippin said...

That would be really good with my bread. We will have to combine them sometime. You will just have to move to the Phoenix area, so you can be close. Love ya

Katherine said...

No problem. :)

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to with jelly but, I wanted to tell you I got my birthday surprise and it made my day. Thank you very much!!! You are wonderful.


Kristen said...

What a fun way to spend a day! What is it? :)