Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Family,

We are going to be okay. I know you think we should have bailed but we're here to stay (so far). Daniel and Kat are troopers and we know that it's better to be prepared for the worst. So, your kitties are well prepared.
p.s. We thought you would like to see the most current photo of us just so you could think of us more. We had a date night on Friday and this is us being cute. I know, Dan needs a haircut.

I had to show you these chips. I thought they were fitting.

"Dan, do you have the camping stove ready to warm water for my cup o' soups?"
"Kitty-cakes, anything for you my hot yung thang."
If you try to get in touch with us and our cell phones don't work, try texting. Word is, that sometimes works. Regardless, we are ready and plan to help out the evacuees and puppies.
We love you so much.
FYY-Dan just got the Eagle Alert meaning that all classes have been cancelled for Tuesday.


Midge said...

I'm still worried about you guys but I know you will be safe. I hope you stockpiled a bunch of movies to watch while you're stuck in your house. Good luck and be safe.

Kris said...

PLEASE tell me that is not all you have? I am worried for you. How close is it to you now?

Parker said...

I told Dan that he gets one "stormy" chip per hour. Naw.
It's coming and I'm rushing to get a shower and wash my hair just in case. They said we could start seeing stormy weather around midnight. But, it's already raining out so who knows.
love you,

Katherine said...

I hope we'll be able to talk to you guys during it all. I assume you have a supply of muscadine(sp?) jelly to go with your cup-o-soups. This experience will provide for some good blogging and poem-writing material. Stay safe.

Amy said...

Ok I'm sick inside over the thought of you guys having to go through this. I am so worried! Please be careful. You are in our prayers. lots of love, Amy

Anonymous said...

I'm on the late night Gustav reporting marathon. This way I'll know when I need to head that way with my new fan boat to save my sis. Go away Gustav!