Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dan got a birthday card from Pretty Marjorie

Marjorie, you done good. Dan has proclaimed your card as the best birthday card EVER. He loves it so much that we made a movie of it so everyone could hear how COOL it is. The sound bite in the card is even one of is favorites from episode 1F02, "Homer Goes to College." (Dan confirmed the episode number in his episode guide.)

(you might need to turn up the volume to here it.)


Amy said...

Dan you look so cute and shy in your video. Pretty cool card.

Lump said...

totally cute!

I gave you an award on my blog, lady. check it out..... = )

Kristen said...

That made me laugh - I love that he sat there doing that knowing your were blogging it. Too cute.

Midge said...

That is so funny, That's almost as good as being there to watch him open it. I'm glad he liked it and thank you for not shooting that vid with his pants off, jk.
Happy Birthday Dan!