Monday, August 18, 2008


Tuesday is my day to catch up on, well...everything. So, my lucky friends, you get to hold me to it. Today I promise to call everyone who I should have called last week. I'm going to catch up on my correspondence both online and on paper (hooray for pretty stationary to motivate me). I'm going to take some packages to the post office (fun mail is almost on it's way). And I'm going to work on some projects/presents. Thankfully, the laundry is done and my house is spic and span. Ooooo, I also have to come up with big plans for Daniel's big BIRTHDAY sha-bang. I got Wednesday off of work for the celebrating and my Young Women are going to help me make cupcakes for my "almost" 36 year old. Wish me luck.


Katherine said...

I've got that song stuck in my head now.:) Sounds like tomorrow will be a nice and productive day. That always feels good. I'm excited to hear about the big sha-bang. Wish I was there. Tell Dan we've been eating a lot of Cookie Crisp over here.

Amy said...

Funny post and perfect timing. Keep an eye on your mail box. hint... hint

Kristen said...

And don't forget to call Jenny. :)
Sounds like a busy productive day! And with the house clean too? You need to stop and get some fun liquid refreshment somewhere with a straw. Be happy!

Anonymous said...

Those phones are pretty color.They scare me, though, becasue when I was little I would get my finger stuck in them while dialing. Workin' girl, call me when you get to it.