Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wishes Do Come True
Rocco the beagle came home after being gone for 5 years. I think the "little girl wishes"brought him home safely. Well, that and a microchip. Hooray for microchips! I do love a happy ending.


Kristen said...


Katherine said...

I heard that story on the Today show today. Well, actually I just heard that he made it home, but didn't get to hang around for the details.

Anonymous said...

This is a sad post. It reminds me of when Rags came home after all that time. Remember Christmas Eve when we went walking around the neighborhood, "Rags!Raaggss!". Oh, such sad throughs have been evoked by this post. What were you thinking! I remember when he came home he was never the same again. He was sad. Maybe he was just old and tired. That would make me feel better. I want a Golden Retriever.


Kitty said...

Why did you have to bring Rags up. I just thought it was cool that this little girl "wished" her puppy would come home and he did. I don't want to think about that Christmas when Rags wandered off. It's way too sad.
You need a golden retriever. You guys could match with your golden hair.