Saturday, July 05, 2008

Today is my least favorite day of the year.
My Daddy passed away 7 years ago today. Since then, I've been a big 4th of July party pooper. But, I've decided that next year I am going to throw a big 4th of July party. I'm really excited about it. My Dad would always say, "You'll miss me when I'm gone." I was always like, whatever stop saying such silly things. But, he was right. I miss him terribly. He also would say that he'd always be sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear. I like to think that he is.

So Daddy, this frosty is for you. I love you forever and always.


Amy said...

I am sorry this Holiday has been a sad one for you. I can't imagine how much it hurts to loose your Daddy.

I bet he got a chuckle over the frosty photo. I know I did. Tender idea:)

Kris said...

I know how much you miss your daddy...I remember you talking on the phone to him all the time...I'll bet he is still whispering in your ear everyday.

Be happy - I'll bet he has a great workshop he is tinkering in and loves seeing every detail of you and your families lives.

I'm sorry sweetie that it's a sad memory day. I hope you can find a way over time to turn it into a celebrate his life sort of day instead.

Katherine said...

I didn't know that your dad passed away on the 5th of July. I can see how that would really change the holiday for you. I'm sorry. We'll remember this for next year. I love that you write so much about your dad. I enjoy learning about him. He sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Mom and CJ and I had frosties too. Actually, CJ had a frosty. Mom had a strawberry shake, and I had a root beer float.

Our fourth of July party sounds great.


Anonymous said...

I just love this picture of you and your dad. I remember the day and the event like it happened yesterday. Our special little ballet princess. Love, Mommy

Katie Says said...

this is such a sweet post.