Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Lovin'
It is HOT in Mississippi. We are spending a lot of time inside in the air conditioning. I'm back on my healthy eating plan and I'm loving berries right now. I always love berries though. But they taste extra yummy because I've cut out sugar. Do any of you have some favorite summer foods your hooked on right now?

Here is Dan reading. My Daniel LOVES books. He tells me he loves books the way that I love clothes and shoes. Too bad my clothing and shoes don't make me smarter.


Katherine said...

Love the picture of Dan reading. I'm trying to think of something I eat a lot during the summer. We do eat a lot of McDonald's ice cream cones for "treats" during the summer. One thing I really love about summer is that I don't feel guilty when we eat sandwiches for dinner almost every night. Some how I feel like I don't need to prepare the sit-down meal I try to prepare when it's colder and the kids are in school.

Kristen said...

We are on a strawberry kick here too - for breakfast I like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries over granola and Light N Fit yogurt...mmmmmmm

I love how meals are so much easier in the summertime!

Jane said...

I'm with you on the berries. When I'm cutting sugar out I love to freeze them and blend them up with some milk and maybe a bannana and have me a summer smoothie. Yum!

Anonymous said...

There's seriously is little that is better than a quiet place and a good book. This picture is the pefect glimpse into Dan's love of books. I bet Dan likes to stare at his books in comtemplation just like I do!


Lump said...

I like strawberry flavoring and can eat it until I am ill, but I can't eat fresh strawberries without sugar EVER. ;)