Monday, July 14, 2008


FYI, Penelope comes out on DVD tomorrow. That means that Pretty Kristen will be getting her Reciprocity Giveaway package in the mail. I loved the movie. I have a crush on Penelope. You'll understand when you see the movie. I want to live in her room and wear her cute clothes. She is adorable, I want to keep her in my pocket.
Instead, I'm on my way to Target (first thing tomorrow morning) to get Kristen and myself a copy.
I need to explain how it is that I can go to Target and afford to do such a thing while living on a student's budget. Well, Reciprocity is one of my favorite words. I think that it is really important to show people who love us and help us that we care and appreciate them. It's a big deal to me. Well, I entered a blog contest on Natalie's blog 100 Percent Cottam. She is a super cute girl who was having a contest to see who could guess the sex of her new baby. I feel really silly about this (because I don't know her but I love her blog) but I won. She sent me a $25 gift card to Target. I of course sent her a thank you note and a cute bookmark but I still feel silly. So this Reciprocity Giveaway is due in part to Natalie. The other goodies were all me. I can't wait to go the the post office tomorrow to send some reciprocity goodness to Pretty Kristen (my sister in sass).


christymusic said...

I loved penelope too. It is totally your kind of movie. I was just thinking today that I would like to buy it.


Christina and jaya

Cindy Bean said...

Ooo...Thanks for the notification. I'm totally marching over to Target tomorrow for my very own copy.

Kristen said...

Interesting that you post this. Your little generous gift prompted me to do the's coming soon - look for #100!!

Anonymous said...

This is like pay it forward. I wish I were there to watch Penelope with you! Isn't the guy in Penelope the same guy that's in Wanted? I knew he looked familar. He should have stopped while he was ahead with Penelope.


Cindy Bean said...

Um...I went to Target AND Walmart and they were both sold out because Penelope has a trailer for Twilight which everyone is a freak about here in Utah. Dang it!

Kitty said...

That's HORRIBLE. I thought it was lame that they put a Twilight feature on it. I was especially bugged because they put a sticker on the box and I had to pick it off. I don't know what the Twilight thing is all about but someone said it was the biggest thing since Harry Potter and I tuned out. I'm not trying to be ugly about it, I just never got into Harry. I hope you get your copy soon. I wish I could run and get you a copy and send it over right this minute. You deserve a feel good movie moment (and all of Penelopes pretty clothes) right now. I will admit, I watched it yesturday without Dan and I rewinded the kiss scene a few times.