Monday, July 07, 2008

Look at me...Look at me...

I found a box full of old smurfs, cabbage patch kids, strawberry shortcakes, and care bears on my treasure hunt the other day. I was so excited I wanted to buy them all and send them to my buddies as surprise gifts. But I had to leave them behind. Instead, I talked to Buffy about our favorite toys. I loved the Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Monchhichi, Hello Kitty, Poochie and Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember that I only had one Smurf. My Grandfather bought it for me at the Hello Kitty store. I loved that Smurf. Dan told me that he had a whole collection. He was a very lucky kid. I love how a treasure hunt can bring back memories of favorite things. Do any of you have a favorite childhood toy?
Buffy, I bet your going to say, "I love Popples."


Amy said...

Oh man that is a great list of favorites. The only thing I can think of to add to it would be naked troll dolls with different colored hair. Oh I also had a weird obsession for everything Howdy Doody for a while. I still don't understand why.

Em and I would spend hours driving our Barbies around in one of our roller skates. I think my parents finally broke down and bought the Barbie car for Amanda. I was too old to ever get into Teddy Ruxbin but Amanda loved hers.

Enoch and I are really starting to get into Saturday Morning cartoons. Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake are our two favorites. I know you are surprised that I like shortcake right? Since Shortcake wears jeans it doesn't bother me as much. I loved the Smurfs growing up.

Parker said...

I'm super surprized about Strawberry Shortcake. I can't imagine you being able to watch it. Even if she is wearing jeans. Poor AMY. I guess you've moved on (a little)

Anonymous said...

I sure do love popples, oh and Barbies were a hit with me too.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the drama of having the latest phase craze!!!You did not mention stickers and the right sticker notebook....and trading stickers. Remember your smurf t shirt? Remember your Care Bear sleeping bag? Remember your Strawberry Shortcake dress? I admit that I was way too practical. You may understand my practicality when you look at my childhood "toys". But better than any toy was the farm I grew up on and the creek I had to play in. Then, I had no clue that I was truly blessed. Love you...Mommy

Parker said...

I remember all of those favorite outfits. I loved them so much. You are the best Mommy ever. I never wanted for anything. I loved my care bear sleeping bag. Remember you got me a real care bear when I was in my 20's. I love it. I love you.
p.s. I really did love stickers, I still do.

Anonymous said...

how did that monchichi song go? I kinda remember it and I dont remember anything

Mama Dawg said...

I loved Oodles. Did you ever have one of those? I had about half the collection. I remembered that they smelled like baby powder. So cute.