Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life is like a bowl of puppies.
I got some happy mail today. Katherine, Doug, Nicole and Tyler sent me a package full of love. This Boston Terrier card was my favorite thing. He's so cute. The card said, "Wishing you this kind of bliss..." It came a the perfect time because the package was waiting on our doorstep when Dan and I got home from another disastrous Wal Mart trip. Have I told you all that I can't stand Wal Mart? I can't wait to live in a place where they have normal grocery stores. On a happier note, my sweet sister in law and family sent me some Trader Joe's goodies, an In-N-Out t-shirt and this super cute kitchen towel (Katherine has been on the look out for them because they are hard to find here).
I also got a super big surprise from my brother Benner. He recently told me that we (the siblings) were all too old to be giving and receiving birthday gifts. That obviously didn't go over well with me. I think he was messing with my head. He sent me a present for sure and it is going to get me this hat. I plan to wear it in Seattle, soon.

Oh, and guess what? Dan brought me home a surprise. He found this Stonehenge book for 50 cents at a book sale. What a sweet husband. He's also very nice to pose for silly photo ops for me.


Rick, Jane and Vaughnster Harris said...

Oh that is such a cute card and hat! I love both. And I am totally with you when it comes to Wal-Mart. I avoid it at all costs. I worked there the summer after my first year of college--yuck! Why can't all stores be as cool as Trader Joe's? I'm glad you had a great birthday! -Jane

Katherine said...

Glad you finally got the little package. I was sad it came late, but now it seems that it did come at a good time. The Walmart here can even drive me crazy. Target is definitely my favorite. What a great hat too!

Anonymous said...

That puppy is the cutest! Wal Mart is ghetto everywhere, I think. But, I know what you mean about that Wal Mart. Remember, when you move back to Monrovia we don't have a Wal Mart in town. And, even when you do go to Duarte, you won't have to dodge diapers in the parking lot. Have fun with your Trader Joe's goods. Looks yummy.


Katie Says said...

oh my goodness. I LOVE that hat! I know quite a few people I could buy those for! thanks for the link.

Kris said...

My brother tried to pull that crap on me also! NO WAY, a card will not suffice. It's my day - give me something.

I sometimes love Wal-Mart and sometimes hate it. I'm fascinated by the cheapness of it all.