Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Let's Talk Salad Dressing...

What is your favorite salad dressing? I would love to say that I make my own but I'm not that lady yet. I love Girard's Champagne Salad dressing. It makes everything yummy.

My beautiful cousin Jaya would only eat her veggies with Champagne dressing when she was young. She has good taste.
p.s. they also have a light version that is good


Anonymous said...

That champagne dressing is really good! Growing up I stuck to Ranch only, but now I like French and Honey Mustard. I also like those spray Balsamic Vingarettes. I like to take them to work with my salad because they so little and cute. Still, people look at me weird when I start spraying my salad. It kinda takes the romance out of it.


Amy said...

Oh that stuff is good! Every once in a while I get the craving for champagne dressing (thank you for introducing me). My favorite restaurant dressing is buttermilk ranch. You know the kind you make from a packet? As far as completely homemade I have an apple cider poppy seed dressing that is to die for. I'll have to post it next time I make it. I serve it with sliced strawberries and fresh spinach leaves. Oh so yummy.

Anonymous said...

Amy, that sounds really nice and summery. I've never made salad dressing. I did find this Rosemary Bread at Costco. I had to buy it becasue it was warm and smelled so good. Very good for dipping. Kat, I'm craving one of your salads, the ones with the avocados. Did you know that it takes nine months to grow and avocado? Mom taught me this recently. Ask her about what avocados are good for when you talk to her.


Kitty said...

She had the discussion with me this afternoon.
Good, this gives me another excuse to buy avocados.
They're yummy and they'll help out Mommy's future Grandbabies.
p.s. you should come over and I'll make you a salad.

Katherine said...

I didn't know you had a cute little cousin. I've heard several people talk about how good that dressing is. Although I'm not a big cook I usually make my own with some sort of vinegar and olive oil. I'm just a really big fan of olive oil. When I buy dressing it usually goes bad before we eat it all. So I've just given up on buying it unless I need it for a certain recipe.

Kristen said...

I like the Brianna's poppyseed. MMM. Lately I've been on a Cucumber Ranch kick.

I could eat salad for every meal. I think maybe I should come to think of it.

Lump said...

I don't know about the champagne dressing...haven't tried it (yet). But I do know that I love that wall in your second photo! ;)