Friday, July 18, 2008

Kat and Dan mini adventure Friday
Dan and I went to USM to pick up a book from Dan's study carol. I had to document the event so you all could see where he spends his time.

We paroosed the library. We stopped to look at Theodore Roethke books. Dan has favorite places in the library, so we visited some of them. He also shared a granola bar with me. He keeps little snacks in his study carol. Too CUTE.

This is where Dan will be teaching a class in the fall.

This is what his class will look like. I think he already taught in this one. We went on a tour of all the classrooms he has taught in (in that building). I thought his parents would like to see this. I imagine that he'll look back on this time with happy thoughts one day.

Update on me, I'm not doing well at all at quiting Diet Coke. I need more support and more will power. The adventure had to include a trip to McDonald's where the are selling soda's for 99 cents. I also must say that they are really doing well with their customer service lately. Good customer service is a rarity around here.

We also checked out the "little" Museum of Art.

Nothing major to report on.

Dan loves to see kitty cats lounge up here by these rocking chairs at dusk. I talked him into posing for this photo. He's a good sport.



Anonymous said...

This post makes me miss teaching. I bet Dan is a great teacher. Kat, I think you look very McLard in these photos, cute. I also love the southern rocking chair thing. Someday I hope to have a house with a porch with ceiling fans and southern rocking chairs. Actually, I hope Mom has that more than I do. She has always wanted a porch like that. I just hope my porch (or mom's, or yours)is in the West.


Katherine said...

Look how cute you are in those pictures. You are definitely the star in the "Kat and Dan's Mini Adventure". I loved seeing where Dan teaches and reads. Now I'll be able to picture him in his little study carol.

Jane said...

What a fun outing. And I agree with both comments that you look so cute in the pictures. Awwwww.

Parker said...

Awww shucks. I love you guys. You always make a girl feel like a million bucks. Especially on days when I feel like 2 dollars.

Amy said...

It was so cool to see Dan's turf. You guys can make an adventure out of anything. It's great to see you having so much fun.