Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think I'm a local Mississippian now

Well, not really. I can't see that ever happening. But I must warn you, these photo's are the after photos of a day full of adventure. Normally, I would hide the ones of me in the back of my closet. Anyhow, no parties involved are looking at their 100% best. That said, we went canoeing on a river with Roger and Melissa. I must say, it was a fun packed day filled with blueberry pancakes, puppy dogs, local Mississippians, canoeing goodness and not so goodness and liter (and a little Kat and Dan drama too).

We took a school bus to "the river." I don't know what river but it was a Mississippi river (or creek like river). We were so excited and anxious to have our canoeing adventure. Full of smiles and happy thoughts.

The smiles and happy thoughts lasted the first three hours of paddling. The second two were tolerated. This is where the Kat and Dan drama comes in. I'm sure you can imagine. Nothing major just tiredness and a flipped canoe. Though Dan saved the day when he rescued me from a rushing current at the end of the trip. He is my hero.

I think this photo sums up the adventure. Melissa still looks beautiful as always. She is a local BFF (though I'm not sure she knows this.) She is the coolest lady and I so love hanging out with her. Oh, I have to add that she's from Washington, thus making her even cooler.

Roger and Melissa, cute as can be.

Kat and Dan, grumpy one and grumpy two.

Some local cows or longhorns?

Dan does clean up well. He is out the door to go to a poetry reading.
I'm in my jammies settled in for the night and some recovery.
Wish me luck.


Katherine said...

I know how Dan gets when he's grumpy. It's probably best you were grumpy too. So did you canoe flip? Did I understand that right? Super fun!

Parker said...

We flipped on the last "mini" waterfall. I think there were four and we made it through the first 3 untipped. But I did keep track of my paddle. Dan did too.

Parker said...

Oh, Katherine, Dan wants you to know that he didn't loose his hat and I didn't let my sunglasses get away. We were impressed with our paddling abbilities.

Amy said...

Oh man that sounds fun and a bit scary! I love your new blog header!!!

Kris said...

That sounds like SO much fun! I am jealous. Dan almost proposed to me in a canoe (long story) I am sitting here giggling over your adventure. I can see you laughing and being grumpy about it at the same time!!

Katie Says said...

that sounds like so much fun!! hopefully it wasn't too hot. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is too fun! I wish I could have gone. I just love the image of you and Dan "scooting" down the river. I wish I had more details on the canoe tip.


Kristie said...

Liking the cool fluevogs.