Friday, July 11, 2008

Hop on over to The Black Apple.
Check out CraftSanity. They featured Emily Martin and you can download these super cute bookplates for FREE. I wish my color printer wasn't on the fritz. I love this little brunette.
Stephanie, the little blondie reminds me of you.


Anonymous said...

Well Kat if you like the stuff at The Black Apple then you're in for a treat when you receive you birthday gift in the mail.

Sarah Friend

Kitty said...

Well, Well, Well,
I am on pins and needles.
Kathy friend

Anonymous said...

These are so cute. Now you and Dan can have his and her versions of book labeling. I'm not sure if Dan's stamp is cooler or if your Black Apple prints are. Maybe we should vote. As of now, my books remain unlabeled. That's okay, I don't trust people enough to loan them anyway. Well, except for my favorite people. Speaking of, do you have any of my books? Maybe it was Annie...

Stephanie said...

It is me! I love it.