Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Mail

Pretty Marjorie surprised me with this lovely apron. I think it's just about the most perfect, dainty thing out there. It makes me want to make strawberry pie and run it over to her place.
It also reminds me of a piece of lingerie my Mommy had. My Daddy bought it for her when they first got married. It's a fancy red corset and we used to play dress up in it. My Mom probably won't like that I'm announcing this. O'well, I love it. I have it in my closet. Though it would never fit me, my Mommy was a super small thing. Well, I'll model this (my new apron not the super small corset) sweet number soon.
Marjorie, Thank you for thinking of me. I must admit, I have had the most amazing birthday 2 weeks. Today is my last day to celebrate. This is a major birthday weekend in my little world.
I've been gathering photos for birthday posts. Fun. Fun. Fun.
P.S. Won't I match my Blog header perfectly in my new dainty apron? You know Marjorie is the MAGIC behind my new header. She is amazingly talented.


Midge said...

Yeah, I'm so glad it finally came! It looks super cute, I wish I could see it in person and take you up on your pie offer. Happy Birthday sweety, I bet you are going to be the cutest baker in town.

Katherine said...

You will look so good baking cupcakes in your new apron. That was nice of your mom to let you play with her lingerie.:)

Amy said...

so pretty

Katie Says said...

very cute!! hey you could use that as lingerie... ;) hehe.