Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Craig

Shout out to Baby Vaughn. Hamming it up.

We think you're the bee's knees.


Kristen said...

OK, that 3rd picture down is SO how I remember Dan from college, that black leather jacket. Look at how they are just babies. So cute. Craig cracked me up at your wedding - what a great personality. Hope he has a happy birthday!

Katherine said...

Those pictures make me laugh. I remember a few of those. They really show Craig's personality---which is so great. Happy Birthday Craig-dude!

Jane said...

Happy birthday Craig! Those pictures and video made Rick and I laugh. The picture with Vaughn in it makes me want to go back to Craig and Maria's house-- we had so much fun. I'll never forget the first time I went to Seattle and met Dan and Craig for the first time and all the sudden the three of them started talking like "Daaaaahhh...yeahhhhh...ahhhhh...that's cool...yeahhhh." It totally cracked me up. I had never seen that side of Rick, and I loved it. :-)

Melissa-Mc said...


Hi. I found you through Katherine. She was one of my beloved roommates from college and I grew up in the same stake as her and Dan.

Your blog is fun, and I can tell you and Dan must have a lot of fun together. Tell him I say hi.

Happy Birthday to Craig tomorrow. I have some funny pictures of him I could have added to this collection :)

Best Wishes,