Thursday, July 03, 2008

Go get your Sparklers...
It's that time of year.

Sparklers are a favorite thing in my book. My wish for all of you on this 4th of July weekend is that you all get a sparkler moment. Go pick some up and celebrate. I think these fancy star ones are super cute.

Dan and I are celebrating the 4th with sparklers. We have big plans. Dan is going to write and I am going to make wishing stars. What kind of plans do you have?
Do tell.


Katherine said...

That sounds fun. I haven't used a sparkler since I was a kid. Those were good days. I would get so excited going to pick out fireworks. Sometimes it makes me sad how different my kids' childhoods are going to be compared to mine. They'll be great, but they're missing out on so many things I got to do as a kid that kids just can't do anymore.
We're going to the county fair tomorrow morning---just for a few hours. Nicole's school teacher entered a piece of art from each of the kids in her class in the art show. Colie really wants to see if she got a ribbon or not. We love seeing all of the animals too. Nicole keeps telling us she wants to eat a "refried donut" while she's there. She's referring to all of the deep fried things that they sell there---deep fried twinkies, snickers, oreos, etc. You name it---they deep fry it.

Parker said...

Nicole should go to the fair with Dan. They would be in deep fried goodness "heaven". I bet he would buy her every kind of deep friend weird-o thing and send her home sick. Silly Uncle Dan. I wish I could go with you guys. I would love to see Nicole's entry. I hope she gets a ribbon.
The only kind of firework I was allowed to play with was a sparkler. My Dad would have us stand out by the garage next to a big bucket of water and we would get to hold it, if we stood very still.
Dan and I went out and bought the biggest sparklers we could find. I'm going to light them up tomorrow and draw pictures in the air. I don't plan on standing still with my sparkler but I will keep a bucket of water close by.

Katherine said...

Yea, keep that bucket nearby because Dan has been known to have problems with fireworks in the past.:) Maybe you should make sure he stands still with his sparkler.
I would love going to the fair with you guys. I know what you mean about Dan. He's the guy that likes to eat the Flintstone-style turkey legs at Disneyland. They have those at the fair too.
Nicole's friend told her that she had a friend go to the fair who went to check on their art---and she said Nicole got a first place ribbon. We'll have to see for ourselves though. We'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't your dad cute with the way he managed the sparklers....a big DEAL.....supervision plus.....The package just got here....Thank you Love, Mommy