Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Did you watch Project Runway?

My first impression favorites are Kenley and Kelli. I know it's too early to pick a favorite but they're the cutest (in my opinion).
Oh, and did anyone else get grossed out by the diaper inspired get up by super tanned Blayne?
Also, is anyone else super excited that Tracee was voted off Design Star last week? I am routing for Jennifer in a big way.

Do any of you watch these shows? Who is your favorite? It's okay if we change our minds next week?


Cindy Bean said...

Wait, is Project Runway on again?

Kitty said...

Sure is Pretty Cindy. The premiere was tonight.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get sucked in. Maybe if you were here is watch it with me you could fill me in. Maybe you should have done fashion design afterall? What do you think? I want to go to beauty school.


Kristen said...

Go read Hooked on Houses blog - she does the funniest weekly recap of Design Star. With no tv this is how I watch that show this season is by reading her blog!

Lump said...

holy crap! I forgot the new season started last night. I'm sure I can catch the episode this weekend. ;)

Martha said...

I didn't realize Project Runway was back on. Good thing I have my TiVo set up to record every episode! I know now what I am doing while I clean tonight! I will let you know my favorites tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

I think they voted the wrong person off PR! I'm impressed with just about everybody, so I'm not sure who my favorites are yet, but my next to go are Diaper-making Too-Tan Blayne, tacky Suede, and Stella, who gave up before she even started, and that's not how you "make it work."

I'm also voting for Jennifer on Design Star, but I wouldn't mind if Matt won. I watch his show.

Stephanie said...

That should be "I would watch his show. oops.