Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bono Baby, did you know there was going to be some shakin' today?
Call me strange, but earthquakes are exciting and I missed this one. I've never been in a HUGE earthquake (knock on wood). But I did grow up in Southern California and I've been though a few tremblers. They were scary but oh, so exciting. I like to think that I can predict earthquakes by the weather, earthquake weather. I remember standing in the front yard with my family in our pj's or underthings in the middle of the night waiting for aftershocks. I saved Buffy from being hit in the head by a framed glass piece of pottery then crammed into the door frame with the whole family. It's funny how you run to where everyone else is when the earthquake happens in the middle of the night. OH, the stories. But, here in Mississippi there are no earthquakes (that I know of) they only have storms (scary storms). They aren't exciting, they are scary. Today we had a big one with crazy lightning and thunder and then HAIL. Storms are not my thing. So, Bono, I wish I was with you tonight. We could have swapped earthquake stories. I know you would want to tell me how you knew it was coming. I just know it.

Dan and I watched Flakes tonight. It wasn't the greatest movie but it was set in The French Quarter and Miss Zooey Deschanel was in it. She looked super cute as always. So I'd say that the location and Miss Zooey made it a fun movie to watch. Just don't go into it with high hopes.
I get so sad when I get my hopes up about a movie and then feel let down. So so sad.


Hannah Von P said...

I've never been in an earthquake. But they do kinda sound exciting.. Except for the ones that cause alot of damage and injuries... Those would be scary.

But you have to love our CRAZY THUNDERSTORM WEATHER SEASON down here in the south......not.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you like Zoey Deschanel...she is also one of my favorites. I don't know if you seen it before but she's in All the Real Girls which I would highly recommend you watching. Also the soundtrack is awesome too.


Katherine said...

Hi! I've been so bad about blogging and commenting on blogs lately. We felt the earthquake here, but I had my nose in a book and went back to reading immediately after the quake was over. I didn't realize that the phone lines were jammed and some people were in a panic. I didn't realize it was even breaking news for a few hours. A good book will do that to you.

Midge said...

I'm having a Panelope movie night tonight with a bunch of girls. I so wish you could come watch with us. I was thinking I should set up the web cam for you. I haven't seen it and it's tempting to watch it earlier today but I'll wait, I can always watch it again tomorrow.
I loved earthquakes too, I'd just stay in bed and enjoy the ride. I always think people are crazy when they say they are scared of earthquakes, but then I've never been through a really big one.

Amy said...

I know this is weird to say, but I really miss earthquakes. I remember a couple good ones when we were having slumber parties over at your house. Your Mom would come running with the big mommy eyes to make sure we were all ok.

The thing that scares me to death is tornadoes. The fear of being sucked up into the air brings chills. I do not want to be close to a tornado EVER!

Anonymous said...

I just liked to sleep through earthquakes. I remember waking up and people talking about the earthquake and I didn't even know we had one. I'd think, "Why didn't anybody wake me up?" You guys would say it wasn't a big enough one. lol. But, that one where you pulled me out of bed right before that pottery frame fell on my pillow was pretty scary. Once I had climbed up on the sink to get something out of the medicine cabinet when an earthquake came and mom started shouting for me. That would have been pretty entertaining if someone had seen it. I must have been under 7.


Anonymous said...

according to mom bono didnt know it was coming at all. She said he just looked at her when she was hitting the deck (she was lying under the window on the couch). Cj said he'd never seen her move so fast. I told mom that bono didnt know it was coming or react because HE IS NOT A DOG!!

Anyway...I give that earthquake a 4 on the scare scale and 8 on the fun scale (hawaii was much scarier)

Parker said...

Bono was just acting like he didn't know about the earthquake. Don't you know that Baby Bono is above such trivial matters? Like, come on, Mr. Bono knows everything and loves to pretend that he's superior to his human subjects. Bono is KING. You and I are merely his fair maidens. Long live the King. Long live The Baby Bono.
love you,

Katie Says said...

OH! I was in the quake. I was out in Cali visiting the g-ma. Quite exciting. I've been in a few small ones before that.

and I LOVE Zooey Deschanel. Feel in love when I saw her in Almost Famous. ;)