Monday, July 28, 2008

All we need is a bubble machine...
Here is my glitter star project, in all it's glory. My number one goal is to make the next 10 months (we are moving out of Mississippi in 10 months) as pleasant as possible. Our home is the only place I feel happy so I try to make it as enchanting and magical as I can. Dan and I watch a lot of movies so I wanted to liven up our "theatre." I love it. It reminds us of The Smashing Pumpkins video "Tonight Tonight."

I'm working a temp job this week. Daniel has a birthday coming up and I want to get him a present. Anyhow, we are going to relax in our "theatre" tonight and watch The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I'll let you know if it is any good.

Has anyone seen any good movies this summer? Please share. Also, is anyone even reading this blog? I'm starting to wonder.

p.s. Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter


Martha said...

I read this blog. I do. I do.

I saw Charlotte Gray the other night. It was a period movie and tkaes place in WWII. It was pretty good.

Bella is also a good movie. I liked that. Um, that's about it for now.

Parker said...

Thanks Martha, I read yours too. I loved your post about your Pioneer Day adventure. It looked like lots of fun. I liked Bella too. I haven't seen Charlotte Gray so I am putting it on my netflix. Thanks for the suggestion and thank you for posting.

Jane said...

I love the theatre. Very cute. We just watched The Bank Job the other night. We liked it, but I don't know if I would recomend's definately R rated for a reason. I loved Michael Clayton. I just got it on DVD. And yes, I read your blog. :-) Jane

Parker said...

You're super cute. I need to see the Michael Clayton movie (Dan just told me that we already have it on our netflix). Dan also said that Rick has really good taste in movies. Thanks for reading my blog. I'm the insecure girl on the block today.

Taylor said...

SO SO SO SO SO cute Kat! I love the idea! I hope your trying to have some kinda fun! I miss you so much! Love ya

Amy said...

Your little movie theater is so creative. I love it.

I recently rented Hope Springs with our yummy Mr. Firth. I also rented from the library Somethings Gotta Give. Both I hadn't seen before and laughed my head off. Warning! If you haven't seen them don't watch them with your children around. They have a couple not so appropriate moments.

Stephanie said...

I read it almost every day! I love knowing what you're doing out there in practically a foreign country. :)

Steven and I have been Netflixing comedies lately, like "Borat" and "Talladega Nghts," but next we have "Word Wars," a documentary about people who play Scrabble. I'm going to recommend it before I even watch because I think I'm going to love it so much.

Kris said...

Your movie theater is super fun, I love it. I read your blog almost everyday. Sometimes I come back twice to see if you've posted again!

We watched Lars and The Real Girl (somewhat depressing) last week. I liked Catch and Release too, again a bit depressing but still good. We are doing NetFlix now and love it. You should try it!!!

Kris said...

OH - Somethings Gotta Give is one of my very favorites...she lives in my dream house!!!

Anonymous said...

Kat I love reading your blog and you should up date it at least once everyday. Your blog helps me know what's going on in your exciting life in Mississippi.


Parker said...

I still need to see Hope Springs. I have a love/hate relationship with Colin. Right now I'm loving him so I should watch the movie soon. Something's Gotta Give is a super funny movie and Kristen and Buffy are in love with Diane's house. It's really beautiful. We don't worry about child appropriate movies around here but thanks for the warning. My favorite inappropriate scene in a movie is in A Room with a View. That scene cracks me up. Have you seen it?
love you.

Parker said...

I think I am in a foreign country. I wish I was in France. That's all I'm gonna say about that. I think I'll surprise Dan and netflix "Word Wars". If you like it, I'm sure he'd like it.

Parker said...

Thank you sweetie. I always have fun, I just think my house is the coolest place around here(to me). Don't you think so too? Naw, I'm sure you'd have a whole list of Mississippi hang outs you'd rather be at right now. You California lovin' girl you.

Parker said...

I'm a netflix'in fool. We've banned the rental places around here so netflix is my friend. I really liked Lars and the Real Girl. Catch and Release was sad. I don't remember too much about it. I do remember that I went to the theater to see it and I was super excited and I felt really let down. ErRRr. You need the Somethings Gotta Give house. It's screams Kristen.
love and hugs.

Parker said...

I know that you know the scene I was telling Amy about from A Room with a View. CLASSIC.

Anonymous said...

A Room with a view is the best and I can't watch it will out laughing every time the inappropriate male bonding sense comes up. Since it reminds me of the time we were watching it in the basement at your parents house in Monrovia. And of course your mom comes in the room right as that scene comes on and tell us we better not fast forward cause we need to see what we would be getting in for when we get married. Your mom's the best. Anyways hope to see more of your fun post. They always make my day!

Sarah Friend

trippin said...

I remember that time in the basement with a Room With a View. Apparently is was so disturbing to Sarah, that she never could bring herself to get married. J/K, I love you Sarah. When are you coming over next.