Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July Treasure Hunt Finds
I found some great vintage postcards. I framed the ones above in IKEA frames. My plan is to put them in a "future" babies room. For now, they'll find a place in our bedroom. I loved them because they reminded me of my Daddy.

Pin-up girl and California Oranges. They had to come home with me.
This vintage dolls dress was calling for me. I have big plans to make a cute little doll to wear it. I fell in love with the fabric.
P.S. I also found a super cool surprize for Devon. Devon if you read this keep an eye out for good mail next week. I'm so excited about it.


Amy said...

You always have the best luck finding beautiful things. I can't wait to see your doll.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathy I'll be watching the mail...can't wait!


Kris said...

So funny - I laughed out loud seeing your patriotic moment in Hattiesburg. What? No parade? That place stinks! Get out! GET OUT!!!

Cute postcards - I like the orange one!

Katherine said...

Those are great finds. Your appreciation for the things that you find at antique stores makes me appreciate and enjoy them. I love the whole 30s, 40s, 50s time era. I love to read books set in this time period. I love all the pictures you put on your blog with the pin-up girls, etc.

Anonymous said...

It is so much fun being able to look at your "finds". My mom just would not have understood your passion......but, she surely would have appreciated that you are fascinated about the era from which she came...and her parents....Did you know that mother grew up in an authentic log house...that she slept upstair with her other siblings....that to get upstairs one climbed a ladder. The water was brought in from a well located alongside the house. To get the water one primed the pump by putting water in the pump and going up and down with the pump handle until it was "Primed" and water started filling your bucket. The bucket of drinking water was brought into the kitchen and a dipper was placed inside it. Everyone drank from the same dipper. Grandma Meyer was a great cook....all done on a wood cooking stove. Her biscuits were the BEST. Grandpa Meyer was crippled so he walked with a cane and a crutch. He was mischieveous.....That crutch would often be used to capture the youngsters around the neck and bring us over to the chair where he sat. I remember that Grandpa grew tobacco and then after harvest he would twist it into little curly-cue arrangements and hang. I think he sold it....but, if memory serves me right....he chewed it, I vaguely recall him spitting at me. Grandma Meyer was a pleasant, kindly formal schooling, but I loved her so much. She would make coffee and when the cup was empty she would read the coffee grounds design....she could draw us in with her predictions. I will add more at another time as you might enjoy hearing more about your great grandparents on my mom's side. Love, Mommy