Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tonight was bowling night with the young men and women. I think everyone had a good time.
Being a teenager is so hard! I'm so happy that I'm not one anymore. I do wish I could relive my years in college though. I would have done things so much differently. I would have gone out and had more fun instead of whining about boys. Boys smoys.
Our young women and young men here in Hattiesburg are pretty cool.
I must say that I suck at bowling and I need to do some practicing before I order up my Hell0 Kitty bowling ball and shoes.
Girls, if we go again, I say we dress up and wear glittery eye shadow.
For Sure. For Sure.


Anonymous said...

Did you bowl? It looks like you all had fun!


Parker said...

Yes, I bowled. I got the lowest score but I bowled. I did make one strike and that was super exciting because my name was up on the screen.

Katherine said...

I haven't bowled for a long time. We use to bowl a lot on the mission. Once I was bowling with my whole zone my foot just barely went over the line where it's really slippery on the alley. I, of course, slipped. I went sprawling down the alley in a big heap with my skirt almost up to my waist. Slightly embarrassing. We all laughed it off though.

Katherine said...

FUN! I love bowling.