Saturday, June 07, 2008

Our ward had a softball game today. I don't play sports (I don't play well with others) but I do dress up for an occasion.

It was really hot out but these guys (and a few young ladies) played a good game.

We cheered them on and chit chatted.

We checked out before the hamburgers and hot dogs (look at how good we are doing on our diet) and made it home to our air conditioning. Heaven = Dan and air conditioning. I would be a happy little piggy if Bono were here with me too (oh, and a big Diet Coke from 7-11.)


Kris said...

Does not play well with others? We all know that one!! Love that you dressed "softballish" though.

Ok, it is really bugging me that your banner says PEPSI. When have you ever drank a Pepsi? Um, never.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with Mississippi's mad skills in getting you to go to a baseball game. It looks like fun.