Monday, June 23, 2008

Please, let me age gracefully.
I'm about to turn 33 and I'm going to Alabama to chaperone Youth Conference. How did this happen? How did I become old enough to be a chaperone? I just graduated from high school (in my head). What? It's only been like 15 years. I noticed that my white hairs are coming in in new spots on my head. What is that? So, I'm looking to ladies who I hope to look like someday: Miss Natalie Chanin and Emmylou Harris. Which works out perfectly because they are both from Alabama, so I can see where they are from this weekend. I hope Birmingham is super cool. I also hope I don't leave my weekend of chaperoning with anymore white hair. But then again, look how great these ladies look. Hmmm, let me age gracefully like them. They are beautiful.

Natalie Chanin Emmylou Harris


Susie Harris said...

You sound like your feeling better. Hope those kids dont get the best of ya! Susie H

Kris said...

No way. NO WAY. I know you would dye your hair for a few years before you let THAT happen. (at least that is my plan)
PS..used my fancy compact today and thought of you. There I was all glam at swim lessons. As it should be. lol!

Anonymous said...

It always makes me happy when women embrace thier age. I love these pictures. That is why I like mom's hair. It is a symbol of her wisdom. My hair is going to be like Auntie Lillie's when I get older, I think. I like the blonde thing. Currently, I am letting my natural hair grow back in. My primary reasoning is that I can comb through my real hair. My damaged hair is embarassing when I go to get my hair cut...even if it's a trim at WalMart! I've been thinking of cutting it short for the summer and getting rid of my dyed hair alltogether, but I'm not so fearless, it seems.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Tyra says we should put Vasoline on our eyes at night. lol.


scargosun said...

Right there with you. I want pretty white/gray hair when it is time (makes it sound like death doesn't it?)

yiching said...

you are beautiful, and you are going to be a beautiful old lady.

Amy said...

Just today I was perusing the hair color isle. I am not getting old without a fight! 33 is way to young to let it all go. How is it possible that I can feel so young on the inside and look in the mirror and see...a... well... not so young lady looking back at me.

When it is time to embrace my wisdom, as Buffy put it, I would love to look as beautiful as these women. Your Mommy is definitely included in that group.

Have fun a youth conference.

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Yep...I look in the mirror and wonder when did I turn into my mom, don't get me wrong my mom is beautiful,but SHE'S A MOM and I'm still young...41 is still young right?!???

Don't're still a young hot chick!