Friday, June 20, 2008

Topsy Turvey did a post about roulotte's or gypsy carts. I want one and I want it bad. I imagine myself hiding out in one, in our future backyard. How cool would that be? They kind of remind me of a circus train, or 10th Kingdom (a mini series I was fascinated with a few years ago). They also remind me of Harold and Maude (remember Maude lived in a caboose). When I go to France I hope to get a chance to stay in one. I'm dreaming here but man, these are so cool.


Staci said...

holy cow that is an awesome pic, did you take it?? or find it online, thats a great idea too, my son would love it cause he is obsessed with trains.....thanks for stoppin by my blog, i love yours, ill be back soon!!!

Kris said...

Who ARE you? Living in gypsy wagons? Gypsy's are mean - there were a ton of them in Paris and they are MEAN!

Parker said...

If I had one of these in my backyard, the neighbor kids would probably think I was the weird lady on the block. I'd also have to start dressing like Stevie Nicks.
I just think they are so cute. I imagine painting and doing projects in one of them.
Girl, you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, they HATE being called gypsies. They prefer the term Sinti or Roma (depending on their "group". I was at a conference with a Roma scholar...when I asked if Roma meant gypsy, he likened the term to the "N" word. But it is a cool pic!


Anonymous said...

That is one classy version on my future RV! Very cool.