Saturday, June 07, 2008

Most of you know that we watch a lot of movies. Well, this week my favorite film was Snow Cake. Alan Rickman is a favorite of mine. I love his voice (who doesn't?) and it was a touching film. It dealt with autism and loss but didn't leave you feeling depressed and let down. Bring on the drama. I love it.


Amy said...

How can you not love Alan Rickman. He is a brilliant actor. I will have to check that movie out. Thanks for the movie tip.

If you liked this movie you may enjoy a book I recently read called Keeping Keller by Tracy Winegar. It's about a young boy with autism in the 50's. It was written by a friend's sister who has to autistic boys of her own.

Anonymous said...

Alan What movie was he in that you orgninally starting liking him? Quigly Down Under? I can't remember. He played the bad guy and always wore black.


Parker said...

Silly Buffy,
Quigly Down Under is where my crush on Alan Rickman began. I love that you know me so well that you can remember these funny things.
Love you

Anonymous said...

We need to watch it now! My childhood memory remembers the part where they eat worms and when she finds the baby. I always wanted her to keep the baby. And, of course, I remember you telling us how much you liked Alan whenever his villian character would come up. Good movie times in the office. Maybe someday you will have an office and we can try to re-create our childhood!