Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Let's go back in time for a bit.
My Daddy and I used to watch Northern Exposure together every week. It was our special show. He would tell me about his adventures in Fairbanks (he was stationed there in the Air Force.) I would dream about going to Alaska (I did years later). We especially loved it because Holling was the name of one of the characters. Oh, and I had a huge crush on Chris in the Morning(John Corbett). My Daddy even bought me a Northern Exposure sweatshirt. I still have it, but it's packed away on my special shelf at my Mommy's house.
A few years ago, Dan took me to Roslyn, Washington, to see where they filmed the show. I was so excited. My point is, we're watching season one right now and it is bringing back such fun memories of my Daddy. Dan and I watch one episode every night before we go to bed. Dan has to make me wait till bedtime because I've been wanting to watch them earlier. I'm impatient.
I love how I can go back to my favorite shows (like Gilmore Girls and Northern Exposure) and feel like the same girl who watched them when they aired. It's like the shows take you to that place where you were. FRIENDS will always take me back to Ricks College in 1995 and Northern Exposure will always take me back to sitting in the office with my Dad and dreaming about Alaska.


Katherine said...

I know what you mean. That's fun.

Anonymous said...

I remember when you used to watch that show. I always wanted to follow the plot, but I was too little. Funny how different our relationships with Dad were even though we were only 8 years apart. Cute story. You should revive the sweatshirt for your walks in the fall.