Sunday, June 15, 2008


Our buddies Neil and Suzanne went to see The Cure in Atlanta, Georgia (lucky kids) this weekend. We got to chill with the cutest pugs (Pugsly and Shadrach) ever.

I tend to have favorites, Pugsly being one of them. He is an old soul.

Dan likes to be in a PUG SANDWICH. I think they like it too.




Amy said...

Your little video gave me a giggle. It is a good thing you mentioned Bono. He could of gotten jealous.

Those photos are adorable.

Go Pugs!

Anonymous said...

Those pugs are adorable. Even though you and Dan are by far the most beautiful and handsome. I am still on the mend.....but, oh so much better than the past three days. Annie and I went to the movies. We enjoyed ourselves. I love you. Mommy

Anonymous said...

Very cute pugs. There is this family that lives across the street from me. They love the pool like I do. They always bring thier pug to the pool with them and he sits on the dad's lap the whole time. It's pretty funny. Maybe someday soon you and Dan can go to the pool with a pug. I like black ones best.


Parker said...

Or, maybe I could come visit you in Phoenix and go to your pool and see your cute pug neighbor. Just a thought.
love you Buffy

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, that's a much better idea. It's been too hot for the pool this week. There is an heat advisory. Annie would say it is shin sweating weather.When are you coming?! We'll bake together.


Katherine said...

I FINALLY got to see the video. Unfortunately, the volume is screwed up on our computer and I could barely hear the sound. But I did make out the most important line at the end. It made me chuckle. I want to squeeze a pug now.

Katherine said...

I love pugs too. They are so cute and cubby and oh their faces are so cute.-Nicole