Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, Days of Summer.

Tonight our Young Women group is having a planning meeting. Which means we get to sit around and eat cake and figure out what fun things we want to do this summer. I've been thinking up things like roller skating, embroidery, making beanies, quilt making and SERVICE.
My sister Buffy loved Young Women's. She emailed this today, randomly.
"I have found that we learned everything we need to know for our lives in young women's. Sounds strange, but it's so true. Solution: Service! Seriously. Immerse yourself in it and it will change your life."
What a smart girl, that little Miss Buffy.

Here she is with some of her Young Women buddies (all grown up). I'm pretty fond of these women. I'm a lot older so I was their Camp Director for a few summers.
All of this Young Women talk made me think of my Young Women's days.

These are a few of my Young Women buddies (all grown up). My wish for the young ladies I work with is that they will form life long friendships with one another. I truly believe that the experiences and friendships I made in YW's are some of the most treasured and fulfilling of my life.
Do any of you have any fun, cheap ideas for our Wednesday night activities?
Do tell.


Cindy said...

We used to just have sleep overs a lot at our advisor's house. That was fun. We'd make a dessert and watch a movie and then she'd go to sleep and we'd stay up and giggle. Good times. One of our advisors took us toilet papering. That is still lodged in my memory banks.

Anonymous said...

Young women's were some good times. My favorite YM YW combined avtivity was strangly enough...a marshmellow war. We would put the long tables on thier sides as forts and play tag by throwing marshmellows. It doesn't sound like fun to me now, but at the time I really liked it. I also enyjoyed playing broom hockey using an eraser as a puck. My favorite YW activity was quilting and cooking. That is strange becasue I don't really like to cook. Anyway, in the Summer a Big Stick and my friends were the makings of a perfect activity.