Wednesday, June 25, 2008

-THE MONTH OF BIRTHDAYS-Let's celebrate!
I've been very blessed with amazing friends and family that have always made my birthday wonderful. I wanted to pass some of that around. Well, the fun news is that PENELOPE is coming out on DVD the week of my birthday. Penelope is a cute movie that I really liked. Well, I'm going out of town for the weekend (Youth Conference in Alabama), so this should give you plenty of time to get in on the celebration. Let's tell stories about our favorite birthdays. That sounds fun. The winner will get a box full of love (fun things from Kat and the movie Penelope) when the movie comes out on the 15th of July. Share your stories and pass the love around. Oh, and Happy Birthday to the July Girls. Cancers ROCK.

P.S. I'll put your names in a hat (sometime next week) and Dan can pick the winner.


Anonymous said...

Sounds so fun.....I love you. Mommy

Parker said...

What up MOM? Where's your favorite birthday story?

Kris said...

You are the only Cancer I get along with. It's true. The other one is now a gay priest so he doesn't count. (That is true too)

Happy Birthday Memory:
My 19th when my college roommate walked me all over town in a blindfold and when I took it off I was in the produce section of a grocery store with 20 or so of my friends singing happy birthday to me.

My 16th and my brothers 18th - we had a combined party (our last one really) with about 50 of our mutual friends. My mom took me to get my hair and make-up done that day and it was just a lot of fun.

Can't wait to hear yours!

Parker said...

Pretty Kristen,

When I was little I spent my summers in Missouri at my Grandparents farm. One year they had a birthday party for me that was also a family reunion. I felt like a princess because everyone was there and I was the special birthday girl.

I love thinking about all the slumber party birthdays I had. Especially the ones when I was in middle school. It was all about the boys and kissing scenes back then.

My sixteenth birthday I had another slumber party and we went out dancing at Marilyn's in Pasadena. It was an underage dance club that played good music. I loved that place.

My favorite ones are the ones where I was with my family and we did something simple. I loved to see how happy my Dad would get when the cake would come out. He loved sweets.

Buffy said...

I'm not sure about my favorite birthday yet, but I can tell you about my favorite birthday photo. There is a picture of one of my birthdays. I think I was turning 10. Anyway, it's a picture of me blowing out my candles on a cake that looks like a giant sweet roll (yum) and Dad is holding my hair back from the candles. I just think it's funny. Mom is in the background, my cheeks are full of air and Dad is holding my hair.

I am also partial to the picture of you and Amy in the kitchen before that party you had in the back yard in middle school. That was the day I wasn't a kid anymore. I remember eating cake in this tiny short jumper with the ties over the shoulders. It was white with paint slotch designs on it. It was clearly too small and I remember thinking I needed a better outfit for the party, but I didn't worry about it.


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday coming up! My birthday is also in July (4th). Its not all its "cracked" up to be. I did used to think the fireworks were all about me though.

My favorite birthday - I never really used to get a birthday party just for me because we'd have a big family reunion every 4th and just lump together all the July birthdays and celebrate with a flag cake. I still have some bad feelings about this...anyway...for my 23rd birthday, my roommates got an earful of my birthday woes and decided to surprise me by throwing me a birthday brunch. It was totally girly and so much fun. Its one of my favorite birthday memories.

Amy said...

It seems more times than not there are other things happening on my birthday. For example funerals, baby blessings, and 4th of July celebrations. Looking back over the years my middle school parties were full of all kinds of silliness. I loved it!

For my 12th birthday my Dad took me to Magic Mountain. It was the best daddy-daughter date ever! I will always treasure the time we spent riding the revolution and colosis over and over again. On the way home just taking the on ramp to get on the freeway almost made us upchuck from motion sickness. It was hilarious.

Amy said...
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Elle said...

Happy birthday to the July girls! I LOVE birthdays. My favorite birthday story is that when I was six we had a party for my birthday...which is in mid February. During the party it snowed heavily, so my Dad ended up driving all the guests home...and I got to go, too. Watching my Dad drive in a blizzard was unforgettable...he was so calm, except when he saw other drivers doing boneheaded moves, then he just laughed. That taught me something, too. Hard to forget a blizzard birthday.
BTW, I've tagged you for a meme...hope you'll play along.

Anonymous said...

This comment might come through twice; I am not really comment posting savvy. Ya know, I am not a big birthday celebrator. I don’t know what the fascination with August 29th is but for some reason most of my nieces and nephews seem to feel the need to be either born on that day or within a week from that day so my mom is never around on my b-day…she is always off delivering a grandbaby of hers. This year though, no babies are coming!!!

slush said...

I cant honestly tell you that I havent had a favorite birthday thus far. In my book, they have all been "eh". And looking back, I have had far more bad birthdays than even "eh" ones. (The one where I had to stay up 3 days to finish a research paper my senior year, and my family ate my birthday cake without me because "They didnt want to bother me" was a fantastic one.) Its humorous because I am a pretty happy go-lucky girl most of the time. For some reason shite flies near my birthday?

One of the best was my husband and I celebrated my birthday and our anniversary at the same time, even though they are 3 weeks apart. We had a decent time, well, more than decent, we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd child 3 weeks later. Id say thats pretty good. :)

Parker said...

Oh, my goodness. I am loving the birthday stories. So much fun. Miss August 29th, I need your name so I can put it in the hat. I forget to put my names on things all the time too.

Hannah Von P said...

KAT!! I know your going to be super excited that someone else posted on THE RECIPROCITY GIVEAWAY post. ;) And by the way, I had a very good time at Youth Conference. You are an AMAZING Young Women's Pres.!

My favorite Birthday was when I turned 11. My mommy came and picked me up early from school and took me out to my favorite restuarant. (Which was Cici's at the time) Then we came back home and when I walked into the Dining room, the kitchen table was loaded with pretty presents. I liked all of them!! And I probably still have a few of them today!

Heather said...

My birthday is in February and because it's always so cold then, my mom would make up these crazy birthday party themes to make my party super exciting.

One year we had a slumber party where she sewed individual little pillow cases with each girls' name embroidered on the front and the invite (which of course was in the shape of a little pillow) tucked inside.

Another birthday, everyone had to come dressed as a valentine and another birthday we had to go on a huge scavenger hunt for prizes in the mall.

So fun!

Taylor said...

Miss. Kitty im glad you told me about this blog! I like hearing all the wonderful birthday stories. I just love brithdays in general.

I would have to say my favorite birthday was when i was turning 6, we lived on a island just off the coast of Italy. My dad was in the Navy at the time so i didnt get to see him which made me very upset. When my birthday came we took a ferry to the main island and there to greet me was my dad! I was so excited! We spent the whole day together..we traveled the Rome and saw the coliseum and going to the local bakery's it was an amazing birthday i will never forget!

Dyan said...

This is so cute...leave it to you Kat! All my b-days have been great but last years was really my favorite. We were visiting out in AZ and Mark had a business trip in San Diego. So my b-day morning I got to spend at the park having a picnic breakfast with my mom and sister. Then that afternoon I flew over to SD to meet up with my hubby. He picked me up at the airport with a huge boquet of flowers-I've never had so many jealous looks in my life! We had a wonderful weekend without the kids, without work, without schedules...just time for us to hang at the beach and eat out at yummy local spots. The bonus was all the food and hotel were on the companies dime!
I know I told you ealier I'd feel silly if I won this, but truly deep down I'd love Penelope and a fun package! So, if I comment twice with different b-day stories does my name get put in the hat twice to better my odds? haha... :)

Katherine said...

I've enjoy so many of my birthdays, but I can't seem to remember too many of the details. Dan, on the other hand, remembers my birthdays down to the tiniest details. One of my favorite birthdays that Dan told me about was when I was in Junior High and my dad took me to the mall and I got some striped jeans with zippers at the bottom, a net shirt(nice and short), some white metal beads, and then 2 little Duran Duran pins(which were very cool at the time). I remember this outfit very well----it was one of my best. I wore it as much as I could. I had forgotten that I had picked it out for my birthday---but Dan remembered. Dan---do you remember what kind of cake I had? I like birthday cake.

Katherine said...

My favorite birthday was when I turned 9. We went to Disneyland. I went on Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain, Indianna Jones, and Hollywood Tower of Terror for the first time ever.(which are now some of my favorites) I ate a Mickey Mouse head ice cream bar right before I went on Hollywood Tower of Terror. I didn't throw up luckly. It was on of the best Disneyland birthdays I had ever had. Love Nicole

Anonymous said...

Well, you want a birthday story. eh? As you know, I grew up with few "extras". But......when I turned 11, my parents went to town and purchased our first television, a Zenith. I thought I had died and gone to I assumed, and they went along with my thinking, that the television was my birthday present!!! Sometime around that age my brother, Fred, married Carol. She liked pretty things and special occasions. For my 16th birthday, she and my mother and probably Auntie Lillie, arranged a surprise birthday party for me at Jackson Park......a whole bunch of my friends came......we had lunch together and for my first time, I received a bunch of different presents all dressed up in pretty paper. I felt like I was so special and loved. Mommy

Anonymous said...

I can't think of one birthday that stands out more than any of the rest. But my fondest birthday memories were celebrating my birthday 3 days early with my Dad his birthday was on June 11th and mine of course is on June 14th. That's one of the things each year that reminds me of my dad and always brings back great birthday memories. Only 13 more days till Miss Kat’s birthday I bet you can wait.