Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dan and I watched I'm Not There last night. I love Bob Dylan (especially on road trips). I must say, Cate Blanchett is amazing.


Kris said...

My brother is slightly obsessed with Dylan. I think he even created a website, "You know you're a Dylan fan if..."

He had 4th row seats and was 3 songs into to his concert in Atlanta when K's water broke and he had to leave to have a baby. He might have been dumb enought o ask something like "Do you think I can make it through one more song before I have to go?"

Anonymous said...

On my IPOD I have Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash singing "You Are My Sunshine". I should send it to you so Dan can sing it with them for you.

Parker said...

Send it A.S.A.P. Dan will love it. I can't get him to stop singing Dad's Katy song and it makes me sad. He news a new tune for sure.

Parker said...

That story about your Bro and Dylan cracks me up. What a great story to tell the baby someday. IT ROCKS.