Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank Goodness
I just wanted to tell you all that my two Young Women Rock. I don't have kids but I have Ashleigh and Hannah. They probably think I'm the biggest dork but hey, I'm okay with that. We went to the water park/theme park Alabama Adventure during Youth Conference. I love roller coasters so I really had a lot of fun. This place had NO lines so we went on the rides over and over. So much fun. The girls looked back at me after riding the roller coaster (I got to sit in the back row by myself and giggle and scream) and they laughed at me. Whatever.

My favorite part of the adventure was when another chaperone told me I couldn't be outside during the dance and I was like, "um, I'm thirty two years old, thank you." (In my head) What I really said was, "I'm a chaperone" and the lady appologized. Really, I was flattered because I felt like an old lady all weekend. You know one of those old ladies who is trying to be young and hip, that's how I felt.
Well, I'm just like my Mommy because you don't mess with her kids and I'm finding that I'll probably be the same way with my kids someday. If anyone hurt my girl's feelings during this weekend, the Kat gloves would have come off. Well, in a nice way...maybe.
I also learned that I am a snob this weekend. There is something about being raised in California (at least for me) that has left me with a edgy look and a wall around me. I think I'm a really nice girl but I also think I'm a bit intimidating. I mean, I think that I am hard to approach. The problem is, I'm also shy and I don't really like going up to people in general. The combination is UGLY. I don't really know how to change it. I know I'm sassy and I know I'm quiet in groups. I'm just like Baby Bono really.

To me Bono is the sweetest, most perfect person (okay, puppy) ever.
P.S. The RECIPROCITY GIVEAWAY will be over Monday night at midnight'ish. I have had so so so much fun reading about your favorite birthday memories.
Shout out to Melissa and Roger, Thank you for dinner. We had so much fun. Rizzo and Bug are super cute. We loved spending time with you guys.


Katherine said...

I would LOVE it if someone would mistake me for one of the youth. That's cool. I bet your girls just loved being with you. Having just the 3 of you as the "young women" is so cool. It's so different from most YW groups. Girls and leaders can't normally get to know each other so well and spend so much time together like that. I had to share my great leaders with tons of other girls. I'm the kind of person that likes smaller groups too. I love to hear your analysis of yourself too. I feel like I have a lot in common with you. I would love to see the Kat gloves come off.

Anonymous said...

You are a "gem". I think that is a Grandmother Holling word. Those young women will treasure the experience of being one of your young women.....because you are a "real" and genuine person to them. You and the young women have a memory that is part of the tapestry of your life.....and the pictures appear to be beautiful. I am so proud of do even when it seems unlikely to be learn....then you evaluate what you have learned. In this case, in the end the event brought you to a better understanding of yourself and others. As a whole, people are very much alike......and different. As Christ said, we are to love one another. That is what I come away thinking about your experience......Bless you. Mommy

Buffy said...

Where is the picture of you on the Maliboomer?


Amy said...

Your YW are blessed to have such a great leader. You have so much spunk. I think it is cool that someone thought you were part of the youth. Its fun to be young (even if you don't always feel it on the inside.) I agree with Mommy... you truly are a gem.

I know what you mean about the "Kat gloves coming off". It is amazing how much you can love someone that technically isn't yours. Its like the old saying, "There is nothing more dangerous than a Mama Bear protecting her cubs." Oh how true it is.

Kris said...

Those YW are so lucky to have you - and kudos to you hot stuff for being mistaken as one of them!!