Friday, June 06, 2008


Dan got up early this morning to learn how to make Roux with Jim. Now Dan can make crawfish etoufee and gumbo. Maybe we'll be able to make it for you when we move closer to home. Dan can cook and I can make things pretty.

He also went off his diet to go to Leatha's BBQ with the boys (Jeff and Will from school). I think Dan is really going to miss southern food when we move in 11 months.


Anonymous said...

Dan is going to have Southern food withdraws. I guess you'll have to have some BBQ's when you move to make up for it. We can eat tomatoes with salt. Well, I don't mind some ribs, myself. Tiffany and I made shrimp kabobs last week.They were great!

Way to go on your new skills, Dan!


Midge said...

Thank you so much for the Happy Mail, It totaly made my day. I've been stuck in the house with Ike for 4 days and starting to have a nervous breakdown, your happy mail pulled me out of my funk. Plus I love the stuff you got me. I've been wanting that magnet for the longest time, we have such great taste.