Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is my self portrait for the day.
I'm sad because my sisters are celebrating on Catalina Island tonight. I'm a big baby. Dan and I are going to go to the lame Hattiesburg mall. Oh, but there is some fun news. We get to babysit the two cutest little girls in town tonight. Emma and Elise. That and The Office and Lost are on. Plus, Neil and Suzanne have two of the cutest pugs for us to chill with.

Update: Babysitting is off. So SAD. I'm off to the mall.
Oh, and Amy get ready for some photos from the past.


Amy said...

Old photos... should I be scared or excited? I never could find a photo of us with your flight jacket. I'll keep looking.

Kitty said...

I remember you had one in your scrap book. You also had a funny one of us in our Clifton Middle School tall flag and drill team uniforms that was taken in your front yard on Stedman.
I'll pick only the cutest photos so don't be scared. I'm working on it.

Anonymous said...

We missed you at Catalina. Next time we can all go. You want to go parasailing? I want to go real bad.


Kitty said...

I so want to go parasailing. I'm with you sister girl.
Love love