Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Dan and I haven't been feeling super well. Dan had a bad fever last night and couldn't sleep. This is odd because Dan never gets sick (good thing because I seem to catch everything.) I owe my friend Martha a huge apology for missing our morning walk (two days in a row) and to Susan because we had to cancel our hair appointments. SO SAD. But, we are spending our day getting Dan rested up. We're watching old Office episodes. That's the boring news on our end.
Dan, I hope you feel 100% by the end of the day.


Kevin and Amy said...

Sorry you are both sickies. Feel better soon.


Katherine said...

Feel better soon. You better break out the little umbrellas for the straws.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon.....no time is allowed for illness. No, really, take care of yourselves....you are precious. Did you get the email about Brenna McLard arriving yesterday? Greg and Jess's daughter.......I received a call from Betty. Oh, Happy Birthday to Annie.....I love you both......Feel better. Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

Where's the wind-up doll when you need her? "I'm not feeling a