Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shout out to Buffy Bear


I'm waiting to talk to you about what you thought about the movie Made of Honor.
Note to friends: I went to see it with my friend Martha last night.
Buffy went to see it in Arizona.
Buffy and I are suckers for romantic comedies (guilty pleasure movies). This one was, in my opinion, a one time watch. I have some opinionated opinions about it but I'm going to wait for my call from Buff. I think it's a rental, girls.

A recent rental that I recommend is Lars and the Real Girl.


Katherine said...

I just heard someone else the other day saying that they enjoyed the "Lars and the Real Girl" movie. I had never heard of it, but now I'm very interested.

Midge said...

I loved Lars and the Real girl, and I've been disapointed by a few indie movies of late. Don't bother with Margot at the Wedding or The Savages. I think I'll pass on Made of Honor though, I don't go for cheap puns.

Anonymous said...

I love this elephant. I enjoyed talking about the movie.