Monday, May 19, 2008

Shady Acre afternoon with Mom and Dad

We went to Shady Acres for lunch today. Dan and his Dad had BBQ. Dan's Mom and I had tomato sandwiches and onion rings. Oh, and we were tempted by the sides so I had lima beans and she had baked beans. We had a lot of fun. We even made friends with a bright green lizard.
Dan's parents bought this watermelon for the grillin' party we plan to have tonight. GO DAN. Have I told you all that I love that my husband feeds me.


Anonymous said...

Kat.....You have loved watermelon and strawberries since you were a tiny, tiny girl. I love you. Mommy

Katherine said...

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet or not---but I'm jealous.:) I'm glad you're all having fun. I love the pictures. Hey, Dan----if I remember right---you never cooked for any of us---you even whined and complained when I would ask you to bring me a drink or a snack.

Anonymous said...

Kat, That watermelon reminds me of sitting in the garage eating watermelon with Dad. Dad taught me that the best way to eat watermelon is over the kitchen sink. He said it was passed down to him from Sharner. I think it's a nice ghetto tip. Oh, and it also reminds me of those pictures of you in Missouri eating watermelon. I once grew a watermelon in my garden. I was so proud (apparently I still am).