Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I was getting ready to go to sleep and I remembered that today (well yesterday since it's after midnight) is National Teacher Day. Education is something near to my heart. My Mommy is a teacher and many of my greatest role models have been teachers. My sister Buffy is a teacher too. I hope to be a teacher one day. I'm really close to getting my Masters of Education and my teaching credential. I still need to pass my exams and do my student teaching. I'm just waiting for Dan to finish school so I can do my student teaching. Anyhow, I think teachers are so important and should not be taken for granted.
Horray for Teachers.
"Great Teachers Make Great Public Schools"


Midge said...

Thanks for the first comment on my design blog. By the way the one on there of yours is resized so if you click on it, copy it then put in on your blog it should work. other wise when I go back downstairs (tomorrow) I'll email it to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you....You are the only person who remembered. I gave the STAR test today....and will give it again tomorrow. I went to PT this afternoon. Have you seen
"Forever Free"? CJ already went to bed.....he is working too hard. I love you. Mommy