Saturday, May 03, 2008


Gabby had a super fun 2nd birthday party today. Dan and I were able to go. Gabby's Mommy (Martha) is an amazing hostess and party thrower. Gabby's Daddy (Chris) is a great DJ and Gabby's big brother (Joey) has some groovy dance moves. Suzanne brought her cute little girls, Emma and Elise and they were great little birthday party celebrators. We made pizza and danced (oh, and we ate yummy JELL-O cake and ice cream).
Gabby and Joey were busy helping their Mommy get ready for the big party.

We had a super fun time, Gabby, thank you for letting us be part of your special day.
We think you are the cutest.

Kat, Martha and Suzanne (I love that we had time for a photo op).

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Anonymous said...

Kat, This looks like a fun birthday party. Just to let you know I love my Mother's Day present. You really listen!!! The card is a treasure...You and Dan are both writers. Thank you so much. I love you for now and for always.