Thursday, May 15, 2008


Pretty Susan did our hair yesterday. She is so wonderful. If you are in Hattiesburg, she is at The Village Salon. I am so thankful to my friend Suzanne for recommending her. My hair was one of my biggest fears when I moved to Mississippi. I thought for sure that I would never find a great hairstylist like Heidi in Monrovia. I had a scare when I tried to trust someone here and she did this to my hair.
Thankfully, Jeannine came to visit the next week and she fixed it. Susan has been doing my hair since then. Girls, my recommendation, look for a friend who has great hair and find out who she goes to. Especially if you are in a funky place like Mississippi.

These aren't the greatest photos (ignore my chin) but they do show you that, I got bangs again.
I think they were the right choice. Dan says he really likes them. Oh, and by the way Dan's hair looks great too.



Amy said...

pretty pretty

Kristen said...

OOOOHHH!! I love the bangs especially with your super long gorgeous hair! Hot stuff!!

Katherine said...

I love your bangs! They look really good. My mom will really like Dan's hair too. I remember when you had the "bad" hair experience a while back----I had never seen a picture. The girl who does your hair now does a great job. That feels so good to have someone you can count on to do your hair. Did Dan tell you I had a bad hair experience recently? The kind that brings on real tears. What a bummer it was.

Midge said...

You look so pretty, I love the bangs, and that sassy black slip.

Anonymous said...

The hair last year was as disaster. But, it looks great now. I'm glad you got bangs.