Thursday, May 29, 2008


We spent two days at Orange Beach which is next to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We had so much fun chillin at the beach and lounging at the pool. The water was really clear and warm but a jelly fish sighting scared me off. Annie saw some people catch a stingray (on accident).

Dan went out and surprised us with drinks. He's the best.

We went to this little cafe on the beach. The food wasn't great but the location was nice.
I'm sorry but I think salad should be green and not brown. Enough said.

We spent the evening out on the beach. Annie went running. I had a sun burned thigh (and I don't run). So Dan and I lounged in the sand until it got dark.

We had a lovely time at the beach. I've decided that Annie is more of a hot weather girl. I would be happier going to beaches that I can wear a sweater to. I like cold weather. Annie was most definitely in her element.


Amy said...

Its been a long time since I walked in the sand. I love the beach, but I am with you. I love cold weather. Wrapped up in a warm sweater on the beach is the best.

Katherine said...

I love all of the pictures. I'm a cooler weather kind of person too. But I also love love the beach. I don't like laying out like most people(I'm a very white girl), but I like everything else about it. I just don't like to be really hot.

Anonymous said...

You girls are so precious. I hope you had a lovely day. If I am correct, you are in New Orleans today. Annie, come home soon......I love you both so much. Mommy

Anonymous said...

These pictures are very cute! It sounds like a great day...too bad about the salad, I agree.


Anonymous said...

By the way, I noticed your new bathing suit!