Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When we got back to Hattiesburg we went to Leatha's BBQ. Dan has been salivating for Leatha's for a long while and he couldn't wait to share it with his parents. This place is cool but I don't get as jazzed about it as Dan. Y'all (I live in the South so I have to say this) know that I don't eat red meat so my choices are limited at Dan's favorite eatery.
"You must understand that Leatha's is the idyllic southern BBQ joint. The tables are covered with oilcloth and the chairs are mismatched. The floor is bare plywood. The napkins are small dishtowels. They understand the need for large tumblers of water with lots of ice. The BBQ is divinely approved because Leatha, the proprietor, prayed to God for a successful restaurant. This place is so good that the sauce recipe is a secret and is not bottled for sale. Any attempt to describe the quality of the BBQ would fall sadly short to the reality of the product. It would make anyone's visit to see us TOTALLY worth it."
-from DAN We have one more day with Mom and Dad. We are going to be so sad when we have to say goodbye to them in Jackson tomorrow.


Kris said...

I would be afraid to eat there. Places with mismatched chairs scare me.

Anonymous said...

This place means business. My favorite part is the parking lot and the front porch. It makes me feel like I'm in an older time. I also love how they decorate the walls with old doors. But, I think the best part is the way the waitress memorizes your order in catagories...it's like--her party trick!