Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm so VAIN

I'm going back and forth about the bangs. My Daddy told me I should always have bangs because they make my eyes look prettier. But then I think of how trendy they have become lately and they take so long to grow out. This is a running debate that I have going on in my mind. BANGS vs. NO BANGS. I keep thinking, "Kat, there are so many things you could be focusing on that would be so much more productive." I can't help it though. I'll run into photos of cute girls like this one and I'm wishing I had her hair. I loved having bangs. Back in high school I rocked them during my "Rude Girl/SKA" days. Then I found them again in my 20's. I need to find a 30's version that looks more age appropriate. Oh, the debate (in my head) goes on.



1 comment:

Midge said...

You are stunning either way. I'm rocking the bangs at the moment and like them for the most part. Inn your case I'm probably 75% bangs 25% no bangs.
What does Dan say?