Saturday, May 24, 2008

My baby sis Annie flew into New Orleans airport this afternoon for a week of birthday celebrating. We have big plans.

My neighbor would say, "HERE COMES TROUBLE!"

Annie saw her first bright green lizard at the rest stop. She was so excited when it showed her his red neck flap thingy and she made a new friend. This guy who smelled like Grandpa (Annie wanted to give him a big hug) told her that the lizard was "showing her his money." She liked that.

Mommy and CJ sent a bunch of treasures in Annies suitcase. WOO HOO. Mommy sent some yummy Trader Joe's treats and some pretties.

Trader Joe's ibuprofen in a pretty box. My mom really knows me well. I always have a headache and I love pretty things.

This is my new apron which just happens to be made from the same fabric as my baby blanket. I love it.

Cute Dan in his new hat.
Thanks MOM.
Oh, and some pretty treasures to add to my collection of all things pretty.

Annie's birthday continues. We made her a tropical cake because she loves the beach. She loves anything tropical. She says, "I love the smell of it. I love tropical drinks, suntan lotion, white sand, anything pina colada, coconuts, tan tropical men. I'm coco for coconuts."

Annie loves presents just like me.


Katherine said...

Super fun!! I'll be checking in every day to see all of the great stuff you've been doing.

Anonymous said...

I love you. It is amazing how quickly one can get from one place to another.....I am still recuperating from the early morning wake-up call to go to the airport. I love all the helps me feel like I am a part of your adventure. Have fun and enjoy every moment. You three are precious. Mommy

Anonymous said...

I wish I were there too! This is sad, but the cake turned out just as I expected. What are the cute little pink things?


Kris said...

What a fun post - I love that girl pouting on the Ibu box - too you.

I'm with Annie - tell her I have a car tree to make my car smell like Coppertone lotion. MMMMMM!