Saturday, May 31, 2008


We came back from our visit to New Orleans today. We had to return to our empty house without Annie. We dropped her off at the airport this morning. We woke up really early to have some extra time with her. We ate breakfast in the courtyard at the hotel. It was really nice. This spot on our back patio was Annie's favorite place. I think she spent most of her time in Mississippi out there. She said that Dan and I keep our house too cold. Whatever. That girl loves the heat.
We went to Cafe Du Monde for beignets.

Then we went to Fritzel's bar on Bourbon Street to see a jazz band. They had a mirror behind the piano player and it was so cool to watch him play. Annie was happy because she wanted to see some New Orleans jazz and she got to check that off her list (on her first night).

Then we walked around and Annie had to buy one of these fancy drinks. She really just walked around with it and looked cute. We didn't stay out too late that night. We got to the sketchy part of Bourbon St. and headed back to the hotel. Dan sure is a trooper. He escorted his girls and took care of us.

Annie went on a bus tour of New Orleans so she found out lots of information about Katrina and fun places to see. I didn't get to go (it was expensive) and I was jealous that Annie found out so much cool stuff. She told me some of it though.

Here we are being cute.

Dan's favorite place to go is on Pirates Alley. It's a little bookstore that is in the Faulkner House. Faulkner wrote a book there. Dan bought himself a book of poems by Natasha Trethewey. He is going to see her read in the fall. We listened to the CD that came with the book on the way home. It was cool because she writes a lot about Mississippi.

I like to watch the bands who play in the street. I did a little dance on the sidewalk and a guy told me that I should get paid for that. He was cute.

This is a view from the courtyard of the hotel we stayed in. Annie and I spent some time out here chatting and reading our trash/celebrity gossip magazines. That girl seriously needs a subscription to US. Maybe for Christmas.

Annie took us out to the Gumbo Shop for dinner. It was yummy. Annie decided that creole food isn't for her because she had a tummy ache all night. Dan took her to The Central Grocery for a muffuletta sandwitch for lunch so I think that may have contributed to her tummy. I didn't have any issues with the food, I just thought it was good.

We spent some time out by the cathedral. There was a wedding going on and we wanted to see them come out. It was so cool. They had a jazz band and they had a parade that went down into French Quarter.

This is the wedding party and the band.
We had so much fun. I'm sad that Annie is gone but I hope she had a good time. We really did a lot. She went to 4 states in one week.
Annie, thank you for the lovely week. I miss you.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pretty Marjorie sent me some happy mail today. She sent these super cute pin-up girl push pins that she made and these sassy mints. Right up my alley. What a happy day.
Marjorie, thank you so much for thinking of me. It really made my whole week to have such a lovely surprise waiting for me in our mailbox.
Anchors Aweigh

We went to see the U.S.S. Alabama Battleship. It was so cool. The tickets were $12 but you got to wander around the battleship and take as much time as you wanted. I tell you, I don't think I could have lived on that ship. It was like a mini city but I can't imagine how it would be filled with men (or can I imagine, I love a man in a peacoat). It must have been so crowded. I pretended I was Gene Kelly when we finally made it to the top of the battleship. Annie was bugged by how the boat moved and couldn't imagine what it was like out on the open sea. We've been hooked on The Deadliest Catch reruns this week so I imagine she was thinking of that. This was a must see for sure. After we toured the battleship, we went to Lambert's for some throwed rolls. Dan loves that place.


We spent two days at Orange Beach which is next to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We had so much fun chillin at the beach and lounging at the pool. The water was really clear and warm but a jelly fish sighting scared me off. Annie saw some people catch a stingray (on accident).

Dan went out and surprised us with drinks. He's the best.

We went to this little cafe on the beach. The food wasn't great but the location was nice.
I'm sorry but I think salad should be green and not brown. Enough said.

We spent the evening out on the beach. Annie went running. I had a sun burned thigh (and I don't run). So Dan and I lounged in the sand until it got dark.

We had a lovely time at the beach. I've decided that Annie is more of a hot weather girl. I would be happier going to beaches that I can wear a sweater to. I like cold weather. Annie was most definitely in her element.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Dan and I drove the girls to Girls Camp this morning. I feel bad about not being able to stay there with them but I know they will have a grand time. They are staying in air conditioned cabins this year. Thank goodness. This place is HOT. Well, I'm on my way to my job interview now. Wish me luck.
Oh, then we are off to the beach.
P.S. Dan map quested where we are going and we are going to be 5 miles from Florida so now you can say we've been to Florida. These things make us happy.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dan took Annie on a drive around town today. We found this lily pad pond and I had to take a photo. It reminded me of the Monet garden at the Norton Simon Museum of Art. When I worked there I would go sit in the garden on my breaks. Annie took us out to lunch at Crescent City Grill. I had an eggplant dish with crawfish and shrimp and brie cheese. It was good. We've been having a fun time. We're having thunder storms this evening and Annie is so excited. She has been sitting by the back door watching for lightning. I think it reminds her of being on our Grandparents farm in Missouri when we were little. Tonight we are busy getting ready for our trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We've been filling up the cooler with veggies and yummy treats. Annie made chocolate chip cookies. Fun. Fun. Fun.

My Daddy would say that this was his holiday. He was in the Air Force when he was young. This post goes out to Dad CJ and Dad Morris.
It also goes out to all the men and women who have served our country.
Thank You.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Annie brought me some recent photos of Bono. I wish I could cuddle up with him and take a long long nap. Bono, I think you are the sweetest, most wonderful puppy in the whole wide world.

Pretty Taylor graduated from high school today. I am so proud of her. I know that she is going to do such wonderful things with her life. She is such a giving, creative, fun, passionate young lady. I am going to miss you in Young Women's Miss Taylor.
I love you.
Well I have to send out my "I'm sorries" to my Dan and Annie and whoever else may have run into me in the past couple of days. I had to give a talk in church today and teach a lesson in Young Women's. I think I just let myself get overwhelmed with everything. I am so happy that it is over and I can relax. I'm not sure how the talk and lesson went but I did my best. Now, I'm going to chill out and enjoy my time with Annie. Oh, I have another job interview on Tuesday morning after I drop the Young Women off at Girls Camp. Cross your fingers that I'll make it there on time and that I'll do well.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Dan and Annie saw this commercial on TV tonight. They thought that the girl looked like me and the dog looked like Bono. Therefore, the guy at the end must be Dan (Dan thinks he's too skinny, though. And he wanted the kitty). I will have to try one of those Soyjoy bars so that I can be fortified with optimism.

My baby sis Annie flew into New Orleans airport this afternoon for a week of birthday celebrating. We have big plans.

My neighbor would say, "HERE COMES TROUBLE!"

Annie saw her first bright green lizard at the rest stop. She was so excited when it showed her his red neck flap thingy and she made a new friend. This guy who smelled like Grandpa (Annie wanted to give him a big hug) told her that the lizard was "showing her his money." She liked that.

Mommy and CJ sent a bunch of treasures in Annies suitcase. WOO HOO. Mommy sent some yummy Trader Joe's treats and some pretties.

Trader Joe's ibuprofen in a pretty box. My mom really knows me well. I always have a headache and I love pretty things.

This is my new apron which just happens to be made from the same fabric as my baby blanket. I love it.

Cute Dan in his new hat.
Thanks MOM.
Oh, and some pretty treasures to add to my collection of all things pretty.

Annie's birthday continues. We made her a tropical cake because she loves the beach. She loves anything tropical. She says, "I love the smell of it. I love tropical drinks, suntan lotion, white sand, anything pina colada, coconuts, tan tropical men. I'm coco for coconuts."

Annie loves presents just like me.