Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We went to see Genie at her coffee/tea shop Cafe D'Bolla. It's located in downtown Salt Lake across from the library. Genie and I worked at the Post Office together. She is the cutest lady ever. She loves purple and Hello Kitty. Genie has been a wonderful friend to me. When I didn't have a car and I lived in the gross dorms, she would take me to the grocery store. She's a sweetie.

Genie made us some bubble tea. Dan's was hazelnut and mine was honeydew (I think). They were Yummy. Thanks Genie.

I love my Genie friend.

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yiching said...

i'm glad you liked the bubble tea. i think you can put "pretty people with bubble tea" under both you and dan's photos. :)

thanks for stopping by. i was so happy i got to see you. love ya.